OLDS: Intro

Hey adventurers! Its been quite a while since I updated this blog, but I am happy to report its because I was otherwise occupied on a semester long outdoor program.

From September to December, I attended a program called Outdoor Leadership and Discipleship School (OLDS). Based out of Andrews, NC, for those three months I showered maybe 10 times, slept outside more than inside, let the leg hair grow, grew closer to the Lord, fell more in love with the outdoors, lived out of a 100 liter backpack, and experienced real true community with the best group of people I’ve ever met.

Throughout the whole semester we:

  • Got Wilderness First Responder Certified
  • Spent two weeks backpacking
  • Learned to river guide and got Swiftwater Rescue L4 Certified
  • Rock climbed for 10 days
  • Went caving and learned about primitive skills
  • Did street evangelism in Asheville
  • Spent two days mountain biking
  • Sea kayaked for ten days
  • And spent a week in Clarkston, GA learning about unreached people and refugees

I well delve deeper into each wilderness section in later posts, as well as others aspects of the semester, to include community, discipleship, relationships, injuries (many injuries), the book of Ephesians, the body of Christ, and self-discovery.

I plan to post these weekly, so check back then!


All the OLDS students + 2 proctors


Ya girl (+ some random hiker)


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